Holy Dates

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Pressed dates( Ajwah) , the Gift of Heaven :

The word Ajwah is a noun from the verb Aja, which means to pacify
an infant who is still being breastfed, but who is in the process of being
weaned. “Al Dawau Bil Ajwah” is very famous phrase in Arabia, which
means treat diseases through Ajwah. It was a common practice among
mothers in Arabia to use dates—especially the dry, chewy types, one of
which is Ajwah—to wean their infants. They would let their babies chew
on the date to pacify them, strengthen their gums and overcome their
teething pains. Most likely, Ajwah got its name from this use, as it has
the right texture and sweetness for the purpose. ” Prophet Mohammed
took all varieties of dates, but preferred the Ajwah. “Ajwah date, from
Madinah, was the favorite of Prophet Mohammed because of its
chewy texture and flavor”. Cured dates are called Ajwah in Arabi.

1- "Ajwah date is an excellent remedy". (Bukhari & Muslim).

2- "Ajwah date is certainly an excellent and sufficient food."

3- "Ajwah is from Jannat ( heaven) and contains
    an antidote against poison" (Tirmizi).

4- I suffered from an illness. Prophet Mohammed visited me.
    He put his hands between my nipples and I felt its
    coolness at my heart. He said: You are a man suffering
    from heart disease. Go to Al Haris Ibn Kaladah, brother of Saqif.
    He is an expert who gives medical treatment. He should take
    seven Ajwah dates of Madinah and grind them with their kernels,
    and then put them into your mouth.
    (Sunan Abi Dawood, Book 28, No. 3866: Narrated Saad).

Among the benefits of “Agwa or Ajwah” dates is that they protect
the person from any poison or magic. Many believed that those
who eat seven Agwa dates of Madina every morning will be
protected from poison and magic. The Prophet said:
"Whoever starts his day by eating seven Ajwah dates,
he will not be harmed by any poison or magic on that day."

Agwa dates are a kind of date whose colour is blackish,
and was initially believed to be planted by Prophet Himself
with His own hands. And only in Madina this type of date can grow.

Agwa, like any other type of dates, is full of medicinal and
nutritional benefits. Easily digest, dates are very useful for
supplying energy and repairing waste. Milk in which clean and
fresh dates have been boiled is a very nourishing and restorative
drink to children and adults alike, especially during recuperation.

Dates are also the ideal food is their digestibility. Within half
an hour of eating them, the tired body regains new vigor.
The reason for this is that low blood sugar is the main cause
of hunger, not an empty stomach as is often assumed.

Dates contain calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus,
manganese, copper, magnesium, volatile oils, Vitamin-B6,
folic acid, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium, proteins,
sugars, vitamins and are rich in natural fibers.

As dates are rich in calcium, they contribute to healthy bones.
For this reason it is recommended that children and older adults,
especially women, eat plenty of dates to strengthen their bones.

Known to Muslims as Holy Date, the Agwa
has soft, dark brown to black skin, with
mildly sweet flesh and a raisin-like texture.