Fresh Dates

Bateel stands alone in the number of different varieties of dates available to its customers.
Each variety has its own distinct color, texture and taste. Some are light with delicate texture.
Others have more substance and fuller texture, but they are all delicious and full of health benefit.

Sizes available: PL - Premium Large, PM Premium Medium, and CH Choice (Small)
Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia Storage temp.: refrigerated 6 - 10 C Shelf life: 1 year

Thick and round Fankha dates
have soft reddish brown skin
and very sweet, starchy flesh.
Dark skinned and elongated,
Dekkini dates are very sweet,
sticky and chewy flesh.
Sekki dates are interesting in both
appereance and flavour – yellow, firm
and very sweet at the top and dark, soft
and mildly sweet at the base.
The Mactoumi has dark reddish
brown skin and moderately
sweet, soft and chewy flesh.
The Silaj is a dark maroon and elongated,
with smooth and slightly creased skin
over mildly sweet flesh.
The most renowned Bateel date,
the Khidri has dark maroon skin
and sweet, chewy flesh.
Round and golden brown, Barhi
dates have a smooth surface and
very sweet, caramel-flavoured flesh.
Popular among Arabs, Sokari dates are
hard and cone-shaped with creased, yellow skin
and mildly sweet flesh. Named after the Arabic
word for “sweet”, Sokari dates are
also known as Royal dates
The Wanan is long and cone-shaped,
with dark, wrinkled, skin and
soft, mildly sweet flesh.
A dark brown date, the Nabout Seif
has loose, wrinkled skin and
moderately sweet, chewy flesh.
Often taken with Arabic coffee, Kholas
dates are golden brown with loose
and smooth skin over delicate,
coffee-flavoured flesh.
Also called California style dates,
Madjool dates are large and moderately
sweet, with thin, brown skin and chewy,
succulent, amber-coloured flesh.
The Nabout Sultan is a cone-shaped
date with dark maroon skin and
chewy, caramel-flavoured flesh.
Round and light brown, Rothan
dates are mild in sweetness and
have soft, dry flesh.
Monief dates are long and oval,
have yellowish brown skin and
are soft and fleshy.
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